Alexander the Great chose them. So did Ghengis Khan and George Washington.  Thousands of years ago in the Arabian desert, Bedouins bred Arabian horses, transforming them into the magnificent breed they are today.  At Twin L Performance Horses in the desert of Cave Creek, Arizona, you’ll learn very quickly why Linda Leslie specializes in this extraordinary breed.

You may know a thing or two about the Arabian horse, such as:

They are beautiful!  Arabians initially capture the imagination because of their looks. Their contoured bone structure, usually described as “dished,” is striking. Their necks are almost impossibly long and elegantly curved. Their eyes are large and wide-spaced. They naturally carry their tails high. They move through the world with smooth, assured elegance.  In short, they are among the super-models of the equine world. Walk the length and breadth of Twin L Performance Horses, and you won’t find a horse that isn’t eye-catching.  It’s a breed characteristic.

The camera loves them! Arabians are glamorous!  You’ve seen them in The Black Stallion, FlickaRunning FreeSon of a SheikHidalgo, and many other movies. And you’ve also seen them on television. They might not always get screen credit as Arabians, but once you know what to look for, you’ll never mistake one for any other type of horse.

They are work horses! The Arabian horse is not just another pretty face. They were bred as desert war horses. Stamina, speed, and robust health were essential. Though their history of riding into war is behind them, they now compete in dozens of disciplines, spend their days as working cow horses, and help teach people of all ages how to ride. If you are looking for riding lessons, contact Linda at [email protected]

They are smart! A lifelong horsewoman, Linda Leslie first began training Arabians in the 1980s.  She immediately found she needed to adapt her methods. Arabians are smarter than the average horse!  One of the reasons Arabians have genetically influenced almost every horse breed around today is their legendary intelligence. Their willingness to learn makes them a joy to work with. (It might amuse you to learn that when Linda  first established Twin L Performance Horses in Cave Creek, the facility had been used for thoroughbred horses. Linda quickly found that she had to change the latches on the stable doors to prevent her horses from wandering away from their stalls for a midnight snack and visit with their neighbors.) All of this makes them wonderful horses to learn to ride on. Many of them can and do differentiate between people, cutting newbies slack while demanding more from experienced riders.

Whatever your age or experience level with horses, Twin L Performance Horses is the place you can come to find the answers to the question “why Arabians?” Call Linda Leslie for more information on booking your lessons, boarding your horse, or learning more about the Arabian show world. Contact 480-515-4495 today!