Top Ten Reasons To Encourage Horse Crazy Kids


#1 Horses teach responsibilityRiding teaches kids how to care for a living, breathing animal properly. A horse isn’t a ball or bat you can stick in the closet when you are done practicing. Riders learn how to properly care for “their” partner before and after the ride. Riders are also expected to dress properly and work hard. As a rider develops, they begin to see that being responsible pays off!

#2 Horse Riding takes commitment
Every successful horse has a committed rider. There is nothing more rewarding than taking riding lessons and staying committed to a goal. Horse riding takes a lot of sweat and tears and sometimes more sweat, but the rewards are endless.

#3 Riding is a lifelong skill
Unlike some sports that only capture a child’s interest for a season or two, or a sport that ends once they graduate high school, riding never has to stop. Many adult riders rode horses as children and found their way back as adults. You can always improve your skills as a rider, no matter your age.

#4 Companionship
Horses are social creatures just like humans. Being able to communicate and interact with an animal has already been shown to have a positive effect on people, as has been experienced by those involved with riding programs. Horses make wonderful companion animals and many equestrians call horses their best friends.

#5 Riding requires athletic ability
Horse riding is more than “just sitting” there. Riding takes strength and endurance. A rider has to use a number of muscles to stay solid in the saddle. Riding a horse is an incredible full body workout. Soon, your rider will feel string, empowered and confident in his or her body.

Kids Crazy for Horses

#6 Riding encourages pride
Horse riders will be the first to tell you that nothing feels better than mastering a challenge or learning a new skill. Being able to successfully communicate with a 1,000-pound animal is a confidence booster for riders of all levels.

#7 Riding is a special way to spend time together
Watching your young rider grow up around horses is something very special. We invite parents to stay and watch lessons to help encourage their young riders.

#8 Riding is the source of many incredible emotions
Studies have shown that horse riding can provide numerous emotional benefits which can include improved self-esteem, communication skills, self-awareness, relaxation, empowerment, interpersonal relationships, self-control, focus, concentration and happiness. Many studies have also shown that riding horses can significantly decrease anger, depression, dissociation and aggression.


#9 Learning to ride well takes focus
A rider must use their brain and body to control and properly communicate with their horse. Riding takes full concentration; a young rider will not have time to think about what their friends said at school that day or who is texting them. When horse riding, the rider’s mind has to be completely focused. It’s a mental break from other worries and it’s a major anxiety buster that can help children in developing good lifelong emotional health.

#10 The riding stable can provide a healthy atmosphere
It is important to find the right stable for your young rider, a place where both of you feel comfortable and supported. When young people are working at the barn with their horses, it creates a healthy environment. The stable is a very healthy and rewarding activity that focuses on the horse and rider partnership.

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