Already have a horse? Or wondering if I buy a horse where can I find stables or facilities in order to board your horse? Well we have the solution for you.

Twin L Performance Horses is not only home to the riding lesson horses, it is also home for a large number of independently owned Arabian Horses that the owners ride, take lessons on, or horses that are currently at Twin L Performance on consignment.

The boarding facilities are in covered and partially covered pens. Twin L Performance also have a feeding program for all horses that includes managing any supplements that the horse owner may want to supply.

Additionally, security and horse care is a priority at Twin L Performance Horses and with the owner Linda Leslie living on-site, your horse will have 24-hour care.

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So why should you consider consigning your horse?

Selling a horse takes a considerable amount of planning. Between marketing your horse and having to set significant time aside to schedule time for buyers to see the horse and then dealing with no-show buyers, selling a horse takes substantial time.

Consigning a horse with Twin L Performance Horses can relieve you of these potential headaches and free up your time. Plus consigning your horse may actually lead to a more time efficient sale.

Maybe you have been thinking about selling your horse and realize you have not been riding regularly and so your horse may need some re-schooling in order to be ready to sell. Let Twin L Performance Horses assist you in training your horse and getting it ready for sale through our consignment program.

Twin L Performance Horses consignment program can help you with the following;

  • If you don’t know how to promote your horse for sale i.e, advertising – we can
  • If you don’t have time or the ability to keep your horse sale ready – we can
  • If you don’t have time to field inquiries and meet potential buyers – we can
  • Do you have quality photos or video of your horse? We have that covered!
  • If you don’t have time to show your horse – we do!

When your horse first arrives at Twin L Performance Horses, we will work with and get to know your horse. We require that your horse be reasonably trained, with no dangerous habits, i.e. no bucking, rearing, or bolting to be accepted into the program. With your horse passing our initial assessment, we will place your horse into our consignment program and begin the process of marketing your horse for sale.

At Twin L Performance Horses we will;

  • Work, train and re-school your horse if needed
  • Take professional photographs
  • Produce a video showing your horses qualities and movement
  • Advertise your horse through our website
  • Advertise your horse through other channels like journals and online platforms
  • If appropriate take your horse to Horse shows for exposure

To see if you horse qualifies for our program