There are stables you can take your child for horse riding lessons where your child will surely be playing with their phone while a groom readies the horse.  The first interaction between horse and human will be your child snapping a photo before mounting for instantaneous transmission on Instagram or Facebook. If you’re at a reputable stable, your child will not be permitted to put themselves in danger with more phone play while on horseback.  But, as soon as they dismount, electronic technology will again take pride of place.  It’s not about direct experience of the horse; it’s about posting, and not the kind you do on the back of a horse while it trots!

Not at Twin L Performance Horses.  At Linda’s place even little children learn the basics of getting their horse ready for a lesson. What’s the safest way to lead a horse? Why does grooming before and after my ride matter? How does the saddle help me to sit on the horse?  How do the stirrups help me talk to him?  What are the reins for?

Linda Leslie teaches your child to become a rider who can communicate with a gorgeous animal, an Arabian horse- a dream horse to touch in real life, not a pixelated Minecraft fantasy.

Once on the horse, your child is in direct contact with the horse, Linda, and the world.  Your child and a magnificent animal trained to respond to your child’s commands, and to relay patient feedback, the wild Sonoran Desert as a backdrop, and an expert teacher.  Unlike Minecraft, unlike anything on the ‘net, it’s beautiful beyond words: you can touch it, you can smell it, you can talk to it, and it can talk to you, in its own way. It’s real, and it’s glorious.  As a direct result of horseback riding, your child forgets that phone.

It’s not only about horses.  It’s about the difference between life and the internet. Contact Linda Leslie at [email protected] or call: 480-515-4495 today to book your first lesson!