Why Buy An Arabian Horse?


Do you enjoy the Old World majesty of dressage, or the Old West excitement of reining?

“Hold on!” you say, “how can you put those two equestrian sports in the same question?”

My answer: “Own an Arabian Horse”. 

Breeds of horses are nearly as varied as dog breeds – and each breed has their own unique characteristics.

The Arabian horse takes a backseat to no one when it comes to versatility and intelligence.  It is an adaptable horse, full of curiosity and playfulness.  While some breeds are specific to ranch work or just “good in the arena,” the Arabian horse’s ability to learn, perform, and excel at a variety of equine sports sets it apart from the crowd.  

This noble breed is as outstanding with a cowboy in the saddle, as it is dressing up for a rider in a top hat.

The Arabian horse is one of the oldest breeds on earth.  It is the Desert Breed. Among horse owners and riders in the deserts of Mesopotamia and Persia, the Arabian horse has been the breed of choice for generations. In the extreme conditions of the Arabian Desert, Arabian horses became legendry, both as courageous warhorses, and as endurance runners across oceans of sand dunes.

Worried about genealogy?  Get over it!  The record keeping is astonishing!  It is common to be able to trace their lineage twenty generations back, and more.

“Aren’t they a spirited breed?” Yes… and No… 

They have spirit!  Arabian horses are lively! And they are playful – at every age. But they are not by nature mean spirited – nature over nurture, they are genetically predisposed to be lively and curious, not aggressive.

Let me give you an example:

Three-year-old Arabian gelding, Captain Morgan – green as they come!  Yet when he is being walked up to the wash rack, he holds his head up high like a king. He moves as though he is parading in front of Queen Elizabeth herself! To watch him, you would never suspect that moments before, while he was having his halter put on him, he was nuzzling and nickering like a spoiled baby.  Spirited, yes.  Playful, yes.  Mean – not at all.

Here at Twin L Performance Horses, my specialty is training Arabian Horses for equestrian performance sports.

I started my career as a professional horse trainer many years ago training Thoroughbreds off the track to give them a career in performance sports.  After a few years, I had the opportunity to work with some Arabian horses.  All my misconceptions fell to the wayside as I discovered the intelligence and adaptability of this breed.  These horses learn faster than their human riders!

When I am looking for a horse to train and ride in performance horse events, I want a horse that has spirit – a confident horse that knows he is a champion waiting for his ribbon!  I want a horse that will put on a show for the judges and audience – all diva in the arena, completely approachable outside the arena.  (Irish is an experienced Arabian champion at Twin L Performance Horses.  His ability to perform on queue is legendary at the ranch).

What I love about the Arabian horses I have raised and trained over the years is that the breed is truly consistent in its characteristics of adaptability, showmanship and intelligence.  From the mares to the geldings, from young to old, this breed is pure quality!

If you are looking for a horse with the stamina, consistency and spirit to take you to national competitions, and still be fun to talk to in the stables, pick an Arabian Horse!

Linda Leslie is a Professional horse trainer at Twin L Performance Horses. She breeds, raises, and trains Arabian horses in the Phoenix desert. 

Twin L Performance Horses also offers basic horsemanship training and a full array of horse riding lessons for the experienced and the beginner. If you are interested there are Arabian horses for sale at Twin L Performance Horses, please send your inquiry to: [email protected]

Written by: Catherine King on behalf of Linda Leslie, Horse Trainer