Horse Riding During The Coronavirus

We here at Twin L Performance Horses would like to share some words of comfort about the impact of coronavirus (otherwise known as COVID-19) on our activities.  It is safe and legal to come to the Twin L barn.                                                    Read More             

Why Buy An Arabian Horse?

Do you enjoy the Old World majesty of dressage, or the Old West excitement of reining?  “Hold on!” you say, “how can you put those two equestrian sports in the same question?” My answer” “Own an Arabian horse.”                                                                                                          Read More

Top Ten Reasons To Encourage Horse Crazy Kids

#1 Horses teach responsibility
Riding teaches kids how to care for a living, breathing animal properly. A horse isn’t a ball or bat you can stick in the closet when you are done practicing. Riders learn how to properly care for . . .                                                                                            Read More

Exercise Alternative - Horse Riding

Tired of the Gym?   Lifeless on the Treadmill?  Hate “exercise”? Spice up your routine by trading in a boring treadmill for a thrilling horse!

‘But doesn’t the horse do all the work?’   Oh, no.  Just try a couple of hours’ worth of lessons at Twin L Performance Horses, and your . . .                                      Read More ​

Novice Adult Riding Lessons

What on earth possessed a grown man of my mature years to climb onto a horse’s back at his stage of life?
Plenty of reasons.                           Read More

Why Arabian Horses

Alexander the Great chose them. So did Ghengis Khan and George Washington. Thousands of years ago in the Arabian desert                                                                     Read More


It's Not Only About Horses

There are stables you can take your child for horse riding lessons where your child will surely be playing with their phone while a groom                                                                           Read More