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At Twin L Performance Horses, we keep a variety of horses available for lessons suitable for all ages and skill-levels. We work with children, adult beginners and more advanced riders that want to learn different disciplines and progress to top levels. We have specially trained horses for various show classes such as Western Pleasure, Reining, Saddle Seat Equitation, Hunter Hack and more.

At Twin L we offer an effective beginner lesson program designed to help you feel comfortable on a horse while helping develop and improve your riding skills. We offer a customized amateur program for horse owners seeking to further develop their partnership with their horse. Whether your ambition is to show horses or simply enjoy riding, or just being with horses, you will find Twin L Performance Horses is dedicated to helping you achieve your equestrian goals.

The Twin L Beginner Horsemanship Program

We teach you more than to just sit correctly--from your first lesson you are taught total horsemanship; how to understand the way a horse communicates through body language and energy. If you want to ride but are nervous around horses, our "Getting to Know Horses" introductory program teaches ground work; handling horses on a lead first, gaining confidence and control on the ground that will carry through to your time in the saddle.

Lesson Rates

**Introductory Special: $250 for ten lessons**
$40 / Lesson (weekly)
$30 / Lesson (twice weekly)
Getting to Know Horses: $75 (2-hour session)
Advanced Private Lessons: Please Call - 480-515-4495

"I never learned so much so fast, and had so much fun while doing it. Simply put, Linda's the best!" -- Sam Lowery, Texas

"I have been taking riding instruction from Linda for 3-1/2 years. I like that she won't accept excuses or half-hearted efforts. I like it so much that I started my great-niece with lessons 2-1/2 years ago and have seen her develop greater self esteem and become much more self assured not just in riding, but in life itself." -- Annette Petzel

Advanced Level Private Lessons

Twin L Performance Horses offers private lessons for advanced riders. Whether you currently show and desire coaching to improve your class placement results, or you've never shown but are enthusiastic to enter the competition arena, we've got you covered. You don't even have to own a horse yet, because we have expert equine experts in a variety of disciplines to help you learn the ropes. Our advanced lesson horses are veterans of the showring.

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Getting to Know Horses Program

In this special program, we focus on acquainting you with horses using ground work and exercises on foot in a small corral, or "round pen." Come and learn how to approach a horse, lead, groom, saddle and so much more. The goal is to make you comfortable with horses on the ground. Then, if you wish to learn to ride or drive a horse, you will have confidence built on knowledge. You will be ahead of the game when you start, and you will be able to fufill your "horse dream" wherever it may take you in the future.

Some clients prefer a one-on-one setting to become confident more easily, or you can ask a friend to join you and you'll both get a discounted rate. See what our first program participant, Cindi, had to say about her experience. If you'd like more information, give us a call - 480-515-4495!

With the exception of recent, 45 minute trail ride, I came into the "Get To Know Horses" program without having any contact or experience with horses. I was anxious and a bit intimidated at the prospect of pursuing my equine interests. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has any hesitation or anxiety around getting involved with horses on some level. The program walked me through the basics of grooming, handling and working with a horse on the ground - I can say from experience this is a much better way to go than to venture on a trail ride for your first interaction with a horse!

Linda provided a wonderful, intelligent horse for me to work with throughout the program and was there to guide me through whatever awkwardness and anxiety I might be feeling during the process. The program will allow you to do the work, overcome your individual challenges, and will provide you with the confidence to pursue your equine interests upon completion. I walked away feeling successful and comfortable with the prospect of working with a horse up close, something I was fearful of when I started. Don't hold yourself back, give Linda a call - you will be happy you did!


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Daughters & Horses: A Mother's Perspective

A Girl and Her Horse

Riding at Twin L has brought much happiness to me and to my girls. It continues to be a great discovery as to who we are as individuals, our strengths, our weaknesses. Most importantly, it allows us time together.

I learned surprising things about myself. I stop running the rat race when I come to the ranch. While the girls ride, I wander around getting to know all the horses. I call it "My Happy Place." Three years later, I love it more than ever.

We struggle financially to participate in the equine world, but it's worth it! Can I put a price on the riches gained; from the goals my girls have set for themselves, the quality time we spend together, the gifts of self-esteem, selflessness and responsibility? They will keep, use and hopefully pass on these gifts to others throughout their lifetime. For those of you who think you can't afford it, look again!

Yes, I think about the cost of the fast rising gas prices, food costs, the mortgage ... then I look at my girls - Without hesitation, it's a no-brainer, sacrifices will continue, because this is the good stuff! I would much rather give them this time, while we have it. Sadly, I missed their first words and first steps. I was busy bringing home a paycheck.

I thought my trainer was crazy when she said, "Just look at it this way, you are paying for their rehab up front." And you know what, she is so right. My girls aren't running around with kids searching for an identity. They aren't driving around looking for something to do, they aren't doing drugs or alcohol. They aren't trying to grow up too fast, with the rest of their peers.

They get a rush every day - controlling Arabian horses that have minds of their own. They have to think outside the box, they have to problem solve, every ride. They have to control their emotions and learn to compromise.

Twin L Performance Horses, Linda Leslie and her amazing Arabians have made an incredible difference in our lives and have a very special place in our hearts. I welcome you to share in the experience. --Julie Grise

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