Horse Training at Twin L Performance Horses

Our scope of horse training includes finishing for English and Country Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Reining, as well as Hunter and Show Hack. Your horse will be trained to excel in one of these disciplines where his talent is strongest. Allowing him to do what he is really good at will allow him to be successful in the show ring. Training for the rider is included in our program so that you and your horse become an effective team. Our show program is tailored to your dreams of success, whether those dreams are to perform at a local show, participate in Class A Arabian Shows or beyond to Regionals and Nationals.

Horse owners contracting for training at Twin L are encouraged to be as involved as they wish in both the training of their horses and in marketing them to new owners. This makes our program one of the most cost effective in the industry, and it creates owners who become very knowledgeable about the horse industry. Please give us a call about bringing your horse for evaluation and training, and ask about our seasonal specials on training and marketing packages at 480.515.4495.