Daughters & Horses: A Mother’s Perspective

Riding at Twin L has brought much happiness to me and to my girls. It continues to be a great discovery as to who we are as individuals, our strengths, our weaknesses. Most importantly, it allows us time together.

I learned surprising things about myself. I stop running the rat race when I come to the ranch. While the girls ride, I wander around getting to know all the horses. I call it “My Happy Place.” Three years later, I love it more than ever.

We struggle financially to participate in the equine world, but it’s worth it! Can I put a price on the riches gained from the goals my girls have set for themselves, the quality time we spend together, the gifts of self-esteem, selflessness and responsibility? They will keep, use and hopefully pass on these gifts to others throughout their lifetime. For those of you who think you can’t afford it, think again!

Yes, I think about the cost of the fast rising gas prices, food costs, the mortgage … then I look at my girls – Without hesitation, it’s a no-brainer, sacrifices will continue, because this is the good stuff! I would much rather give them this time, while we have it. Sadly, I missed their first words and first steps. I was busy bringing home a paycheck.

I thought my trainer was crazy when she said, “Just look at it this way, you are paying for their rehab up front.” And you know what, she is so right. My girls aren’t running around with kids searching for an identity. They aren’t driving around looking for something to do, they aren’t doing drugs or alcohol. They aren’t trying to grow up too fast, with the rest of their peers.

They get a rush every day – controlling Arabian horses that have minds of their own. They have to think outside the box, they have to problem solve, every ride. They have to control their emotions and learn to compromise.

Twin L Performance Horses, Linda Leslie, and her amazing Arabians have made an incredible difference in our lives and have a very special place in our hearts. I welcome you to share in the experience. –Julie Grise

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